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Gender Fluidity Because Labels Are For Soup Cans

"I'm an equal opportunity lover
I like the boys, the girls, the others
Hell, apples and oranges, they're all fruits to me

So here's to the girls with the chubby-chub
Now, here's to the boys ain't got no butt
The sexy nerds, the freaks, the butches and the geeks
The bears and S&Ms and the femme lesbians

We're all one love, two love, ménage à trois
Saying queer love, het love
- Fagette by Athens Boys Choir

Gender fluidity can be both a gender identity and a description of a type of multigendered identity.

Ever wake up in the morning and think, "Wait, why am I a girl? I wish I was a guy" ? Ever sit there thinking, "Why couldn't I be a girl instead"? Better yet, ever wish you could be both? Want that special machine that lets you be a girl some days and a guy the others? Yeah, that's us. We transition between genders like others go between crushes; it's not by choice, it's who we are. And that's what this comm is here for. To be a safe haven, a place to talk and hang, for people like us. People outside the "check male or female" boxes.

Also, we're here for all sexualities. Straight, gay, lesbian, pan, bi, pomo, or even just a, you're all welcome here too.

What makes us different from all the other communities linked below? One thing: open-ness. Those are for specific groups, whether they be girlfags and guydykes, pansexuals, bisexuals, bigenders, and genderqueers. But there doesn't seem to be one place for everyone, from the heterosexual transgenders to the pansexual cisgenders, and every other person, to talk freely, with people like and unlike them. That's what we're here for.

Your mods here are kasuchans_v2meiloslyther, and slashxmistress, a gender-fluid pancurious girlfag, a genderfucking androgynous pansexual guy, and a bigendered girlfag, respectively. We're here to keep everything civil and free of haters.

As this comm touches on sensitive and personal topics, there are a few rules to keep.
1) Keep it clean: Don't start fights, don't insult others' beliefs. And absolutely NO personal insults or attacks of any form. We're here for support, not for destruction.
2) Keep it safe: Don't post personal information of other members, or anything you don't feel comfortable sharing about yourself. We want everyone to have a safe environment, and a lot of things here may be secrets in their personal lives.
3) Keep it smart: We don't want haters or discrimination. We want a place for people to talk about their own issues, to debate the merits of one word over another, to figure out how to deal with this in their own lives. NOT to get into fights.

Also, while you're here, why not grab a banner and promote us out!

Here's a schedule of what will go on in this community:

Advice: We're also here to help people out. So if you need advice of any sort, post your problem here!
Meta: If you've written an essay, observation, or some form of meta on a related topic, or found any interesting resources, please share them with us!
Other: News, interesting experiences, graphics, and anything else that might be applicable is welcome!


Introductions: This is when you can introduce yourself to the community. It can be in any form (lists, short essay, poem, images, even), so long as we can find out who you are and why you're here. But don't tell us more than you feel comfortable with.

Discussions: Every Saturday, a discussion topic will be posted, ranging from the serious (prejudice/phobias in society and media, self-view, "coming out") to the lighthearted (fandoms, gossip, favorite XXX). We hope to have fun and interesting discussions!

Secrets: This is the fun one! Every Sunday, a new secrets/confessions post will be up. IP addresses will not be logged, so go anonymous and tell us whatever's been weighing on your chest!